A Wall Mounted Letter Box Compared to a Home Parcel Box

Online shopping and the parcel delivery network are so slick nowadays, and internet shopping has become an intrinsic part of our lives. The one pitfall is the final metre! That final part of the process when the courier must hand over the goods to the consumer. Part of the reason for the success of online shopping is the time it saves us. The beauty of not having to go to the shops; of having the complete contents of the high street, then some more, at our fingertips, and ready to wing its way to our front doors. But what about at the doorstep, what happens then? We definitely don’t want to receive a ‘Sorry you were out’ card, particularly if we’re not out, but neither do we want a parcel sitting on our doorstep, in full view of passers-by, and ready to be tea-leafed! Oh, the joy of having your own parcel postbox.

Without boxes for parcels, this is what can happen: We may have to cancel our plans, to ensure we are at home when the delivery arrives; but what time the delivery is going to arrive is a completely different game. We may not be able to cancel our plans, so we must arrange a re-delivery. This requires phoning companies who may not respond, may pass us through to some far-flung Asian country where they struggle to understand us, or may just keep us waiting for 5-minutes before putting us through to the answering machine. None of this bears contemplating. We may receive a ‘sorry you were out’ card, and then we’ve missed our parcel. It may have been quicker to go to the High Street in the first place. The parcel may have been left with our neighbour, the one who you dread bumping into… You need to make sure you’re there to receive your parcel. Not only this, but you must make yourself available, in other words not having a shower or being out of earshot of the doorbell. Even then, you need to make a desperate dash for the door, when it does eventually ring, before the courier, who has a short attention span, gives up and walks off back to his van with your parcel. You definitely don’t want your parcel left on the doorstep, offering itself up to be pinched, or left in your recycling bin on the day your recycling bin is emptied! Neither do you want your parcel going back to the Post Office or depot, because then, the convenience of buying online suddenly becomes an inconvenience.

Delivery boxes were conceived to solve these headaches. Parcel drop boxes are a means to receive your parcels for you when you are not at home. Boxes for delivery can hold many parcels, plus your mail, when you are not at home. Or, at home, but not available to respond to the courier’s knock at your door. Anything placed in your parcel postbox is hidden out of sight, waiting stealthily for you to return home. There is even a delivery sensor which sends a message to your phone whenever it detects receipt of letters or parcels. So, even though your packages are stored out of sight inside your home parcel box, you have been notified of your deliveries.

Parcel drop boxes can be set up outside your home, in a similar way to a wall mounted letter box. There are boxes for parcels which can be anchored to the ground or anchored to a wall. Then there are delivery boxes which can be built into a wall or fence, or even a garage. There are even parcel drop boxes which can be mounted on a post. They all operate using the same patented, UK innovation.

Boxes for delivery can receive numerous deliveries, and everything that is delivered remains safe and dry in the delivery boxes secure collection box. When you are ready to collect your post and parcels, open the door to the collection box and… voila! Everything is secure and dry. The collection door of your home parcel box is opened via a key, and the door is held securely in place by three-point, stainless steel locking levers.

These boxes for delivery provide you with peace of mind because you know your parcels are concealed and kept behind a sturdy locking mechanism, until you collect them. Parcel drop boxes are easy to use, making them a joy to live with, acting as your secure, unattended parcel postbox. Just like a concierge, waiting there for you to return home. Very soon, boxes for parcels become your dependable friend, always there for you, 24-hours a day. Because boxes for delivery are waterproof and corrosion-resistant, you can take pleasure safe in the knowledge your home parcel box is your resilient friend. The cool composure of your parcel postbox means you can carry on with your life, safe in the knowledge your home parcel box is acting as your faithful servant.

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