Frequently Asked Questions

Is my parcel box weatherproof?

My Parcel Box is designed to withstand conditions around the globe from extreme heat to snow and ice.

Is there rear access to My Parcel Box?

Yes, there is. The unit is built so the parcel retrieval compartment can be accessed from the front or the rear.


What happens if a parcel requires a signature?

It is fitted with a unique barcode which a courier can scan. This does not provide proof of delivery, but it does prove the courier has been there.

What happens when my parcel box is full?

When full, it will automatically lock, so a courier cannot deliver more parcels.

How secure is My Parcel Box?

To put it simply, very! Not only does it have a three-point-locking system it also will not allow people to retrieve parcels once deposited. Security is our number one priority.

Does the courier need to be given a code to use My Parcel Box?

No, unlike other delivery systems, My Parcel Box doesn’t require you to provide codes or combinations. It’s as simple as using a letterbox!

Are previously delivered parcels hidden from view?

Yes, previously delivered parcels are concealed, so they are hidden from prying eyes.

Can I use My Parcel Box for letters too?

Yes, My Parcel Box will accept letters as well as packages and keep them secure too.

Can My Parcel Box accept multiple deliveries?

Yes, My Parcel Box was designed to continue to receive deliveries until it is completely full.

Will My Parcel Box rust?

My Parcel Box is made from powder-coated Aluzinc which ensures the ultimate protection against rust. This is why we are able to offer 5-year guarantees (around the world).

Are the items deposited in My Parcel Box covered under my home insurance?

You would need to speak to your individual insurance provider, but most will treat them in the same way they would for the contents of your garage.

Could a Package be damaged when it drops into the bottom compartment?

No, there is a thick layer of foam across the entire bottom to cushion the parcel or package.

Does My Parcel Box require any maintenance?

We recommend the occasional cleaning with warm soapy water, simply to restore it to its original shine but that is up to you. There are no other maintenance requirements.

What are the RAL colours?

The RAL colours are as follows:

Charcoal – RAL 000 30 00

Shale Grey – RAL 7035

Can I remove the drawer?

This is extremely easy to do and is covered in the instruction manual provided with every My Parcel Box.

Which way does the bottom compartment door open?

The door is reversible, so you are able to choose which way it opens.

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