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My Parcel Box offers the very best way to receive parcels, groceries and a whole range of packages whilst you are not at home.

This unique range of products was designed and created here in the UK. It is now available around the world from The Netherlands to Australia.

Every My Parcel Box is built to the highest standard and with the very best materials to ensure it will work in any climate for any home.

The addition of My Cool box and My Pickup box means there are now even more uses for this must-have product. Whether you receive parcels from Amazon, need somewhere to hold something for a friend or need to keep your weekly shop cool – There’s a My Parcel Box for you!


Our Team

Brian Willcox

Brian Willcox

Founder of
My Parcel Box

Brian is the founder of My Parcel Box and serves as the distribution and e-commerce manager for the UK. For inquiries related to the UK, feel free to reach out to him for expert guidance and assistance. www.myparcelbox.uk


Richard Kaiser

Distributor for Australasia

Richard is the distribution and e-commerce manager for Australia and New Zealand, and is based in Perth. For inquiries related to Australia and New Zealand, feel free to reach out to him for expert guidance and assistance. www.myparcelbox.au


Zana Doroci

Distributor for Scandinavia

Zana is the distribution and e-commerce manager for the Scandinavian region, primarily focusing on the Swedish market. For inquiries related to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, feel free to reach out to her for expert guidance and assistance. www.myparcelbox.se


Andrej Reimann

Distributor for the DACH region

Andrej is the distribution and e-commerce manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For inquiries related to these regions, feel free to reach out to him for expert guidance and assistance. www.myparcelbox.de

Distributors the netherlands

Harold, Ysbrand and Nico

Distributors for Holland and Belgium

Harold, Ysbrand and Nico are the distributors for Holland and Belgium. For inquiries related to these regions, feel free to reach out to them for expert guidance and assistance. www.DePakketbrievenbus.nl

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About the Inventor – Brian Willcox

Brian Willcox is the Creator and driving force behind the innovative My Parcel Box product range:

“I grew up in Wembley, on the outskirts of London, and did a 4-year apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, little realising how valuable those skills would be in the future. I then studied electrical and electronic engineering before spending 27 years in the IT industry.

In the late nineties, I started to order online and would come home to find parcels on my doorstep, exposed and easy to steal, whilst also giving out the message no one was home.

I wanted a parcel box. It needed to be simple and easy for couriers to use, suitable for multiple deliveries and most importantly, it had to be secure. It also needed to be able to cope with the unpredictable British weather. I couldn’t find anything, so I designed my own solution and patented it. The first product I manufactured in 2015 was called a Brizebox. This evolved over the years until it reached the point where it was redesigned from the ground up and My Parcel Box was born. Every aspect of the design was analysed to provide a reliable and long-lasting device, whilst having the least impact on the environment. This is borne out by eliminating welding during the manufacturing process, removing all plastics from the packaging, and only using Aluzinc and stainless steel, both non-corrosive materials. I hope My Parcel Box gives you as much enjoyment to use, as it has given me to create.”

Brian Willcox.

About Us


My Parcel Box is the most secure and innovative home parcel delivery system on the market.

This patented product was designed and created in the UK, built from only the highest quality materials to ensure durability, security and longevity. The popularity of this unique parcel box has led to our expansion, not just in Europe, but now globally.

Our ever-expanding range provides the highest level of security and peace of mind for busy people whilst looking aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are receiving parcels from Amazon or a weekly fruit and veg delivery – My Parcel Box has the answer.

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