The Advantage of Delivery Boxes Versus a P.O. Box

There are some similarities between boxes for parcels and P.O. Boxes. Conventionally, in the UK, P.O. Boxes were created with the purpose of allowing companies to trade, without disclosing their location. In many other countries, they are the norm. Post is not delivered to individual letter boxes, instead it is delivered to centralized P.O Boxes, usually based in Post Offices. On the other hand, a wall mounted letter box is usually located on an individual’s premises. So, which should you choose?

What are delivery boxes?

A parcel postbox is basically a wall mounted letter box, with the exception it can receive parcels, as well as post. Parcel dop boxes can hold several parcels. These delivery boxes are also capable of storing their parcels and post securely. A home parcel box does not require any special codes to open and, instead, is courier agnostic. Boxes for delivery also have the beautiful advantage of being able to continue to receive parcels until full. Once full, the parcel postbox automatically locks itself. The boon for the homeowner is they no longer receive the ‘sorry you were out’ note, with the resultant bind of having to queue up at the local depot to receive their parcel. At this stage it is also important to point out the obvious benefit for the courier too, because when a homeowner has a home parcel box, they can make their deliveries first time, every time.

These boxes for parcels are made from Aluzinc, which is a corrosion-inhibitive material, typically seen on barns roofs and industrial buildings. Aluzinc is an alloy of aluminium, zinc and steel, making it exceptionally durable and challenging for crooks to breach. The boxes for delivery have gutter channels directly beneath the drawer and door, and these serve the purpose of diverting water away, ensuring your post and parcels stay bone dry.

These boxes for parcels come with three styles of roof: Pitched roof, Garden roof and Flat roof. There are several ways you can install your parcel postbox. These delivery boxes can be anchored to a wall, anchored to the ground, mounted on a post, or built into a wall. When building you home parcel box into a wall, there are two options. You can make a hole in a wall or fence etc. and attach the entire parcel postbox into the aperture, or you can just attach the drawer section of the parcel postbox, and have a second opening for the retrieval door. This is called a Bespoke home parcel box installation. Whichever built-in home parcel box installation you choose, they each require the Flat roof to be incorporated into the drawer of the installation.

These delivery boxes add value to the lives of many people. The obvious beneficiaries are the occupants of homes which have parcel drop boxes. However, the advantages do not stop there. Think of people such as developers, property agents and facilities management caretakers in buildings such as halls of residence, apartment buildings, office blocks etc., the list is endless. Anyone who orders online, and let’s face it, who doesn’t nowadays, would benefit from these boxes for delivery to receive parcels, unattended.

On the flip side, a P.O. Box is a contraction, which stands for Post Office Box. It is a wall mounted letter box which is kept at a centralized location, typically your local Post Office. The similarity between this and parcel drop boxes is they are both capable of unattended delivery of mail and parcels. Boxes for delivery and P.O. Boxes both hold your items until you can collect them. However, this is where the similarity ends. The beauty of boxes for parcels is they are outside your front door, so there is no need to go anywhere to collect your parcels. On the contrary, a P.O. Box is not on your doorstep, and it can become more than a minor inconvenience to have to trudge off and hike to your P.O. Box location. Not only this, but you must then traipse home with your letters and parcels. What a performance!

The advantage of a P.O. Box is it can give you a presence in a country where you may want to trade, without the overhead of staff and premises. You are also afforded a level of privacy if you run your business from home, because it allows you to trade without disclosing your private address.

So, the big advantage of delivery boxes is they are fitted outside your house, making them ultra-convenient, as opposed to trudging off to your Post Office. If you’re an avid online shopper, and who isn’t nowadays, a home parcel box is the pinnacle of luxury, allowing you to carry on with your day, without having to worry about what is happening with your parcel postbox. Peace of mind may be the best way of summing up the advantage of delivery boxes. You can return home at any time of the day or night, safe in the knowledge your home parcel box is behaving like a faithful servant, collecting your parcels, for you to retrieve upon your return. Alternatively, if you are one of the many who are now embracing ‘Work From Home’ (WFH), you’ll be able to stay focussed at your desk, or immersed in a video call, without having to worry about when your parcel is about to arrive. You are safe in the knowledge parcel drop boxes are a tried and tested solution for unattended parcel delivery.

Another issue with P.O. Boxes is the Post Office may be closed and may only be open during office hours. The problem with this, is these time periods are the same as when you are unlikely to be available to collect your purchases. You won’t have these problems with delivery boxes.

With regards to items which require a signature, this is not a problem with boxes for parcels. Each parcel postbox has a unique barcode inside the drawer. When the courier delivers a parcels, he can use his smart device to take a video of the unique barcode and the parcel being delivered through the drawer. The drawers of these boxes for delivery act as a one way valve, so once a parcel has been delivered via the drawer, the only way it is coming back out is via the retrieval door.

These boxes for parcels come in three sizes: Medium, Large and Extra-Large. This means that whether you only order one or two small items on an occasional basis, or you’re ordering several items per day, there are suitable boxes for delivery for you. Be they small letters or large parcels, these delivery boxes offer a size which will suit your needs.

Parcel drop boxes represent value for money. Particularly when you consider a My Parcel Box home delivery box has a 5-year guarantee. This allows you to receive huge benefits from your investment, which will carry on serving you for several years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? For more information about turning your wall mounted letter box into a parcel postbox, why not give us a call on 01753 668550.


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