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Commercial Apartment Boxes for Parcels on Building Estates

By Brian | 24 February 2023

No one wants to return home to find their parcels on the doorstep, realising they’re lucky they haven’t been pinched. Equally, no one relishes receiving an email saying their parcel has been left in a safe location – you scratch your head wondering where this safe place may be, only to come home and find…

I’m Embarrassed to Admit… I Failed on Dragons’ Den

By Brian | 20 February 2023

It’s not something I dwell on, although I do tend to avoid mentioning the subject, but on 6th January 2019, I appeared on Dragons’ Den. The actual filming took place the previous year on 6th June. I was on series 16, episode 12, if anybody is ever interested in watching it, and seeking amusement at…

Welcome to My Parcel Box

By Brian | 26 December 2022

Welcome to My Parcel Box, a project I have been itching to finish for some years now. It all started when I brought my first parcel postbox to market, called a Brizebox. There is no such thing as a perfect design, and everything can be improved upon, especially if it is the first iteration of…

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